Broadband & TV Packages Explained
Could you get a cheaper deal by combining your TV and internet bills?
Amelia Crew

If you've ever shopped around for the latest Broadband deal, you will have noticed lots of packaged deals. Broadband providers are keen to offer you combined deals such as Broadband and TV packages. These packaged deals can save you money and can also mean less fuss in the long run.

Before committing to a new contract, it's important for you to think about your specific needs. The right package for you will depend on lots of factors, such as how much you use the internet and what type of TV you and your family like to watch.

Are you getting the most from your broadband package?
Over 4 million homes are outside their broadband minimum contract term, and could significantly save by switching. How much will you save?

Choosing The Right Package

It is possible to find the right combination for you. Packages start with basic broadband, such as ADSL  connection, combined with access to limited TV channels. In contrast, other packages offer super-fast fibre broadband and a huge variety of premium channels including sports and cinema.

Once you have worked out what your priorities are, using BillBuddy to compare available deals will save you time  - and money!

Will I Need A Phone Line?

You can certainly find broadband deals that don't require a telephone line. However, if you are adding cable or satellite TV to your broadband, you will need a telephone line.

Satellite broadband technology is available but is not widespread at the moment. The same technology that allows you to use WiFi on an aeroplane will be available at home in the future. At the time of writing this article however, there are no broadband and TV packages available via satellite therefore a telephone line is still needed.

Introductory Offers

For most customers, the price of the package will be the deciding factor. We all love a free gift or upgrade and broadband providers often tempt us with exclusive extras. These extras can be anything from additional TV channels to high-street vouchers. Always be careful to read any small print as these extras may only be free for a limited time and may mean that your package is more expensive in the long run.

One very common strategy that providers use is to offer a very low introductory price at the beginning of your contract. The timescale for the lower monthly price can be anything from 1 month to 12 months.  Always be sure to work out the average monthly cost across the full length of your contract. Doing this will ensure that you are comparing like for like and don't get any nasty surprises a few months down the line.

Choosing The Right Provider For You

You will see adverts on TV and in the media for a variety of different companies who offer both broadband and TV in the UK. The biggest players in this market are BT, SKY and Virgin Media. All of these companies will offer many options to their customers. There are also many other smaller companies, such as NOW and TalkTalk, who also have great packages for you to consider.

It is important for you to consider what is most important to you when choosing a broadband and TV package. If download speeds are more important to you then a package that includes super-fast fibre broadband will be the best option for you.

If download speeds are less important and great value TV is what you and your family need, a NOW or TalkTalk package could be just what you are looking for. Sports fan can also search for the packages which can include BT Sport channels or all 11 Sky Sports channels. If your life revolves around watching all sports you can combine super-fast fibre broadband with BT Sport and Sky Sports for the ultimate sports streaming experience at the best price. Use BillBuddy's comparison tools to find out what is on offer.

Will I Be Tied To a Contract?

In most instances you will need to commit to a contract in order to take advantage of any packaged deal on Broadband and TV. The good news is that contract lengths do vary from 1 month to 24 months. When comparing deals and packages, take into account the length of the contract; this will let you work out the total cost. The better priced deals will most often have the longest contracts. This can be a good thing for you, the customer, as it gives you peace of mind that the deal you have chosen will not be increasing any time soon.

There are a small number of contract-free options available, however these tend to be more expensive. You may also have to pay a fee upfront for this type of package but it could be the best option for you if you only need your broadband and TV package for a short length of time.

To summarise, combining broadband with a TV package could save you money. Take the time to work out exactly what is important to you and your family then use BillBuddy to find a package that gives you what you need. Remember to take into account the length of the contract and make yourself aware of any penalties for cancellation if this might be a possibility for you. Then all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the TV that you love!

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