What is BillBuddy?

Welcome to BillBuddy!

You can think of BillBuddy as your personal savings assistant, where our first priority is to ensure that you're never paying more than you should be for your gas and electricity.

When you sign up with BillBuddy, we scan the market to check if you could be paying less for your energy, based on your location and other factors you provide. Then, once we've (hopefully) found you a better deal, we switch you over to the new plan and save you money in the process.

The process is completely automated, and doesn't cost you a penny! What about when that plan runs out though? Here's the clever part...

When your new plan runs out, we re-scan the market to check if a better deal is available, and if there is we will switch you again.

As we will already have your details securely stored, we can switch you instantly - ensuring you're always on the cheapest energy tariff around.

Don't worry - we'll always notify you before we do anything. Provided you're happy to be switched and want to keep saving money, we'll take care of it for you.

Why Do I Need to Create an Account?

By creating an account with BillBuddy, you allow us to be able to keep in contact with you and update you whenever we've found you a cheaper tariff.

It also allows us to store your details safely and securely, so we can always find the cheapest rate for you personally. On top of that, it allows us to switch your tariff hassle-free!

Gas and electricity aren't the only bills we can help with however...

BillBuddy doesn't just stop at energy - we're on a mission to save our users money in a whole host of ways, from broadband to home insurance and beyond.

Based on your postcode we can estimate how much you could potentially save across many different households bills, and we won't rest until you're saving as much as you can.

Once you've created an account with BillBuddy, we get to work on maximising your household savings.

Why Do I Need to Provide My Direct Debit Details?

Once we've found you a cheaper tariff, we will arrange your switch with the energy supplier directly. In order to do this, we need your direct debit details.

There are a few reasons we do it this way:

  • It allows us to make the switch for you, completely hassle-free. We'll take care of setting up the new account, you'll just get a letter / email to confirm once this is done.
  • We can continually switch you to a cheaper tariff. If we store your details, we can keep switching you to the cheapest tariff every year - no need for you to ring and remind us of them.
  • Energy suppliers often give bigger discounts to customers who sign up via direct debit, so we can ensure that you're getting the cheapest rate possible.

Don't worry - we never take any money from your account. Our service is completely free, and always will be!

Furthermore, you don't need to worry about the security of your details. Our entire site is encrypted with SHA-256 SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, meaning you never have to worry about your data being lost or accessed by anybody it shouldn't be.

How Does BillBuddy Make Sure I Get the Best Deal?

BillBuddy is constantly checking the market to see if you could get a better deal, based on your location, usage and other factors. We take into account any exit fees (this is where your current providers charges you a fee to leave the contract early) and ensure that you’d be saving money even with these fees taken into account.

You might have just switched last week, but if there’s a better deal out there which would save you even more money, we’ll let you know. Don’t worry - we won’t do anything without your approval - we’ll just keep you in the loop and give you all the tools you need to save the most amount of money possible.

How Does BillBuddy Make Money?

Whenever a BillBuddy user switches to a cheaper energy tariff, we receive a fee from the new energy supplier - almost like a thank-you for introducing you both. It’s a win-win - our users get cheaper energy forever, and we get a bonus for making it happen.

The best thing about this setup is that we’re paid the same by each energy supplier - this means our only incentive is to secure you the best deal. Whether we find you a better tariff with British Gas, EDF, npower or anyone else, we get the same introducing fee. You are our biggest priority, and always will be.

Who Can Use BillBuddy?

I’ve just taken out a new energy tariff…

Even if you've just recently taken out a new energy tariff, you can still sign up for BillBuddy.

Our algorithms are constantly scanning the market for a better deal, which could still be out there even if you've just signed a new contract.

Worried about cancellation / exit fees from your existing contract? No need - we'll only show you new tariffs if you'll make a significant saving including any exit fees!

Plus, don't worry about the headache of switching again if you just have - we take care of everything, so there's no extra hassle on your end.

I don’t own my house, I rent…

If you’re paying the bill for your energy, you’re entitled to switch provider to get a better deal. If you’re not sure whether you pay the energy bill or your landlord, check your tenancy agreement or give your landlord / letting agent a call.

Your landlord may have a ‘preferred supplier’ when it comes to gas and electricity, but that doesn’t mean you can’t switch. You might have to switch back when your tenancy agreement comes to an end, but this is something you’d need to check with your landlord or letting agent as well.

I’m looking for cheaper energy for my company...

We don’t currently support business energy switching - it’s coming soon, but for now we’re only helping individual domestic energy consumers. Sorry!

I’m concerned about the environment - I only want green energy…

BillBuddy compares prices from both traditional and green / renewable energy suppliers, so there’s a solution for everybody.

My Account

What is in My Account?

Once we've switched you to a cheaper energy tariff, the real fun begins.

You will have access to your very own savings hub - your one-stop-shop for saving money on everything from broadband to car insurance.

We'll estimate how much you could save on a host of different bills based on the information you provide us, then we'll try and find you a better deal - simple.

How Do I Set Up My Account?

We automatically set up your account as you fill out our form, and you can access your account here.

If you haven't completed the energy switch form yet, you can create an account here.

How Can I Change My Username / Password?

You can update your details in your dashboard - click here to login.

Don’t See Your Question?

You can get in touch with us via email - we'd love to hear from you!

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